Pine Forest United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Event Planning Worksheet

Pine Forest UMC-Event Planning Worksheet
(Paper work should be submitted, at the minimum,
6 weeks before the event)
Event Name:
Sponsoring Committee/Group:
Date(s) of Event: 
Day(s) of Week for Event:
Start Time:
End Time:
Set-up Time:
Today's Date:          
Expected Attendance:
Requested Facilities:
Your Name:
Your Phone Number:
Work Number:
Your Email:
When should set-up be complete?
Please describe the room set-up you need:
Requested Equipment: (indicate how many)    
__ TV/VCR              Tables:                           
__ Podium                   Chairs:
__Sound Equipment
Description of your Event:
Clean-up Plan:
 ***If approved, YOU will be responsible for picking up keys from the office during normal office hours M-Th/8:30-2:30PM.  Prior arrangements must be made through the church office.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If your event conflicts with a Church event, the church will always be given priority.  Every attempt will be made to give notice if this occurs.  Keys must be signed for and returned to the office by the responsible party.  Your signature is required to acknowledge acceptance of this policy.
Signature:    Date:  
Return Date:  
Approved: _______________________________________